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Get a new job

Align your capability to improve your enjoyment at work, to interview well, to gain a new job or progress to a higher level.

Get your mojo back

Get yourself out of a career hole or the boredom you feel day-in day-out. Find and deliver on what makes you employable.

Overachieve consistently

If you are spending time being employed, make it work for you. Lift from being an average or good performer to a consistent overachiever.

Make better decisions

Poor decision making and procrastination are a drain on the effective use of your time. Get into the habit of making better decisions.

Improve performance

Success in any performance – in sport, in academia, in teamwork, with money, with people, in social activities and in community.

Feel better

Success feels so much better when powered by inner strength rather than inner pain. We are normally harder on ourselves than we need to be.

 Elite athletes use mentors to be at their best 

the rest of us can too

Engage a mentor to bring out your best 

  • We can help you ...
... gain a new role
... improve your performance
... decide career direction
... align your performance with your goals
  • Here's how ...
  • We get to know you so that we can understand your drivers, experiences, influences and desires
  • We use that understanding to walk you through the core of your actions and results, and what it means for you
  • We help you strengthen your position to design success and stack the odds in your favour
  • We work with you to review, adjust and build on the work you have been doing to help you achieve your desired outcome
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About LiniL

Mark O’Flaherty started LiniL in 2016 following requests to package his mentoring and coaching skills into specific programs to help others deliver more, achieve more and benefit more from their life’s work.

Mark retired young after successful careers in IT as well as Personal & Professional Effectiveness training. In his spare time, along with being Principal at LiniL, Mark is an Executive Mentor to an Indigenous IT business.

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